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August 4, 2012
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Ludwig walked you up to your door and for a moment you two just looked at each other embarrassed, but pleased, at how the night went. He took an uncertain step towards you and leaned down to kiss your lips when your front door opened and your mom glared at the man whose lips were about to touch yours. You think that now your mom wasn't going to like him and that's when a man appeared from behind your mother; a familiar one.

Your mother's boyfriend is in the house… the one you aren't too fond of. Ludwig straightens himself up and you cling to him, glaring at the man behind your mother like a child would. Momma didn't like that.

"Say goodnight to the nice young man and come inside dear." She says flatly. You avert your glare to her and look up to Ludwig kindly.

"I'll see you zhis Friday for zhe beach." Ludwig smiles at you before kissing your forehead and prying away from you and down to his car.

You watch him drive off and then look at your disapproving mother. Not caring you just walked past her and her boyfriend, Antonio, and just as you reached the base of the stairs your mother grabbed your wrist. Looking back you say discontent and also… secrets.

"___, honey, we need to talk…" she says to you. You squint your eyes at her and then to Antonio who has become slightly flustered.

"shit…" you mutter.

"Excuse me?" your mother inhales.

"Nothing, what is it; I'm really tired." You tell her. Antonio steps forward and places a hand on your mother's shoulder and you knew where this was going.

"We-" she began but you held up your hand.

"Congrats. Your tying the knot with ANOTHER guy." You growl, looking away from her pleading (e/c) eyes.

"That's not all…" your mother answered. You looked at her and didn't really want to hear it.

"Can't this wait?" you snarl.

"No we need to-" Antonio began.

"No, I need sleep if you don't want me to COMPLETELY snap at you!" you hiss before stomping up the stairs and into your room.

----------------------------------TIME SKIP!!!! Friday------------------------------------

Ludwig didn't even knock on your door before you flung it open and slammed it behind you. He met your seething (e/c) with shock and concern in his. You tossed aside your anger and hatred and smiled kindly at your boyfriend.

"____ are you okay?" Ludwig asked. You nod.

"Yeah, I'm okay. We ready?" you distracted him. He smiles and nods offering you his hand.

You were going to be with Germany and his family for four whole days and you needed it. Especially with your new sibling coming in just under nine months. Which is why you were so angry because that meant the father, Antonio, would be moving in with you and your mother…

Ludwig opened the trunk of his car and placed your bags in next to his before leading you to the front seat. The two of you got in and Ludwig turned the car on before speeding out of your neighborhood and to the freeway. Both your windows were down sending your (h/c) hair flying inside the car while Ludwig held your hand.

"You vould tell me if somezhing was vrong, right?" asked Ludwig.

'Shit…' you think knowing you're going to lie.

"Of course, Luddy~!" you chime, putting on a false but believable smile. He meets your eyes and then glares at you making your smile vanish. He turns his attention back to the road.

"I don't appreciate lies ____." he catches you. You avert your eyes from him and out the window. Ludwig gives your hand a squeeze and you sigh.

"My mom's boyfriend's moving in… and my mom's pregnant." You say sadly.

"Vhy's zhat so bad?" he pressed.

"I HATE her boyfriend… he gives me the creeps… and he acts like he's my dad." You explain.

"Vell, he obfiously isn't because I'd assume you see you fazher."

"… My dad and my older brother were killed four years ago in a motorcycle accident."

"… I zhought… zhat you vere just separated from zhe two… not zhat…"


The rest of the ride to the beach was silent but Ludwig never let go of your hand.

-------------------------------POV CHANGE!!! GERMANY'S------------------------------------

When she told me that I felt stupid. This makes a lot more sense to me then what I had concluded when she told me she could hear their voices on beautiful nights. God, I REALLY felt dumb and heartless. Now I understand why she's even more upset about it.

I couldn't relate so I had  no idea how to help her feel better. For the better we were silent for the rest of the ride, but I refused to let go of ____'s hand. It was the least I could do…

----------------------POV CHANGE!!! (Sorry that was so short but, eh….)-------------------

When the two of you arrived his family was already there. They were waiting by the RV for the two of you and your moods changed for the better. Ludwig helped you grab your bags and his mom showed you your bunk and then surprisingly hugged you.

"Ve're glad you could come ____!" she smiled, pecking your cheek and then leaving the RV.

"Oh! And put on your bashing suit. Ve're gonna go to zhe vater." She chimed, before officially retreating outside.
WOO! It's up! i stayed up late last night to get as much as i could get done... while reading some Germany, Russia, and Prussia xreader lemons.... :blush:

Germany: You fangirls hafe fery bad minds.... Nozheless entertaining zhough....

Me: Germany enjoyed them too~ :heart: if you get what i mean!

Germany: :blush: N-nein!

Me: C'mon, don't think i didn't watch. ;)

Germany: :blush: Like i said, You fangilrs hafe fery bad minds...

Me: do i have to take away your sex toys?

Germany: Vhat sex toys!?

Me: :facepalm: here we go again! *grabs matches and lighter fluid*

Chapter 1: [link]

Chapter 3: [link]

Chapter 5: [link]
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