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June 8, 2012


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This is the replacement for Life As A Nobody. It's more of a teaser but i promise, there WILL be romance, action, treachery, heartless, Organization XIII, etc. (and keyblades!!!)


It's full of rich snobs that think they're all that! My friends back home and I used to butcher up this school and now I'm in it. I'm still seething from my parent's sudden decision to put me in here.
"Hello!" smiles a girl with bright blue hair and deep blue eyes.
"Can I help you?" I snarl.
"Oh you! Why so dark? I'm Aqua, and you are?" asks Aqua, STILL smiling. I glower at her.
"Not your problem. Now leave me alone." I reply, my nose crinkling with disgust. The chipper girl pouts and turns away when someone calls her.
"I hope you don't have that attitude with everyone; you won't survive if you do." She says before disappearing with a mid-height, blonde boy.
I'll survive; people better not fuck with me. The warning bell rings and I rush to Science. I arrive just in time and report to the teacher's desk.
I extend my hand that bore the letter to state my position. The teacher glances over his glasses and sees the official note and then met my eyes. He took the letter without a word, glanced it over, then sat it gently on his desk.
"Addison, welcome to Science. I am Vexen, and yes, you call your teacher's by their first name. We are in the middle of a project right now so I'll pair you up with one of the students that always do well… but for now, just wait over by the window counter." told Vexen. I nod before slinking over to the window.
I wish my parents would have at least waited a month because then it's be summer! But nooo, I have to go to school at a preppy place so my parents can get recognition for their cash. I thought life ended for me when Zack died…
"Good morning class. We will be continuing our projects today and throughout the week. As for other news, we have a new student." announced Vexen.
"Addison, will you please step over here?" Vexen asked.
I hang my head and hurry my way over to his side. Did I mention I hate speaking in front of more than two people? I turn my body to face the class, but make my black hair hide most my face.
"Class, this is Addison. She just transferred from Jefferson Middle School.
"Oh, so she's poor! That explains why she's not wearing any diamonds or rubies." I hear someone whisper. My temper flares.
"You know what!? I'm proud of not having a lot of money! I'd rather be with normal people; not rich, stuck up, snobs like you!" I shout, meeting eyes with a blonde, green eyed girl.
"Larxene, please reframe for using your voice; all you seem to do is anger people. So shut up." Vexen glared at Larxene. She glared back, and then glared at me.
I made a start motion and she flinched.
"Coward." I snarled.
"Street trash." She countered. I laughed.
My new rival.
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sakura4568 Jun 22, 2012  Student Writer
u should space out your sentences more. It helps with showing that the chapter isn't just one big paragraph. I love it though.
XxwhybelievexX Jun 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
yeah, i've thought about it. i do everything on Microsoft word and it won't process the double spacing on DA.
sakura4568 Jun 23, 2012  Student Writer
Yea DA does that. ^_^
Xenaleena Jun 8, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
XxwhybelievexX Jun 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
haha, glad ur happy
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