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June 20, 2012


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Chapter 11: Unpromised
(author's note: back from camp! i'm hoping to get more of these up! comment, request, demmand (Xenaleena, im talking to u!) or anything else!~ Kailtyn)

I wasn't gonna tell her the dream I had. Addison's nightmare had vanished and I didn't want her to get it back. Even if it would leave me and I could sleep easy.
Naminé and I had talked about her dream and I told her I'd do anything for it to go away. Of course Naminé knew how to get rid of it, but she'd have to have someone to take it. We made the deal and two days later, when Naminé was spending the night at Addison's, she took the dream and held it until she and I met the next day.
What scares me most is that  said the dream would change if Addison stood with her promise. The dream is not changing in the slightest.
I moved my lips away from Addison's and sat back on her hips. She looked at me confused and I looked away. Addison sat up and placed her hand on my cheek.
"Axel, what's wrong?" she asked.
"'member that promise you made me?" I began, still looking away.
"Which one?"
"The one where you said you wouldn't try and find me, or any of the others, if we went missing."
"Oh yeah, I remember."
"Will you stick to it?"
Of course.
I hung my head and balled up my hands in the sheets. Tears burned in my eyes and I hated this. I, Number VIII of Organization XIII, am supposed to be a Nobody, a Heartless being! And I'm being hurt by some girl that happened to allow me have temporary emotions.
"Axel, please-" Addison began.
"No! You promised, and I want you to keep that promise!" I yelled at her.
"I couldn't even if I wanted to Axel!" she shouted back.
"Why's that? You just wanna see if I can feel? 'Cuz I sure as hell am hurting, Addison!"
"Why would I want to hurt you, Axel? It makes no fucking sense!"
"Really? Ya sure?"
"Positive, because-"
"'Because' what?"
"Because I love you, Axel! I love you so much that it hurts! It hurts ME, Axel. I would die for you even if you can't love me back!"
We're crying in each other's arms, gripping each other tightly and refusing to let go.

Axel's phone rings and I dry off my hands to answer it.
"Hello?" I ask.
"Um, hi, is Axel there?" asked a small voice.
"Yeah, may I ask who this is?" I pressed.
"It's his friend, Roxas." answered Roxas.
"Roxy! It's Addie." I chimed into the phone.
"Oh, that's why your voice was familiar! How've you been, Addie? It's been what a week or two? I haven't heard from you OR Axel! But I don't have your number either so. Yeah." he trailed off.
"I should give that to you, huh?"
"That would be nice."
"Okay, I will-"
"Who's that?" asks Axel, emerging from the bathroom.
"It's Roxy." I answer him.
"Oh," says Axel, drying his hair with the towel. "Lemme see that."
"Hey, Roxy, I gotta go. Here's Axel, though, I'll see you soon!" I giggle.
"Bye, Addie." he giggled back.
I handed Axel his phone and went back to the dishes.
"What's up, Roxas?" I heard Axel ask.
Then a few seconds later,
"I don't know. I've kinda got company as you can tell."
Axel sighs heavily,
"I know, I know... lemme see."
Axel turned to me.
"Roxas wants us to go to Twilight Tower for lunch. You up for it?" he asks. I smile.
"Must you ask? I love Roxas! I'd do anything for the kid." I laughed. That seemed to spark something in Axel.
"We'll be there." he growled before hanging up.
"Whoa, what's the matter Mr. Grumpy?" I tease. Axel glares at me.
"'I love Roxas! I'd do anything for that kid!' but you won't stick to a simple promise for ME? You know, you're BOY FRIEND?" he mimicked.
"Come on, Axel! Drop it already!" I sighed, exasperated.
"If Roxas asked you not to follow him would you listen to him?"
"No, I wouldn't. The only one I'd listen to if it came to that would be Larxene, sorry. Now quit pouting and let's go to Twilight Town."
"Mah." pouted Axel, slinking behind me as we left his apartment.
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Xenaleena Jun 20, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
rofl!!! 'the only one I'd keep that promise to is Larxene.' xD sorry too funny
XxwhybelievexX Jun 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
's alright, but it's soooo damn true! :iconla-plz:
Xenaleena Jun 21, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Yes it is XD I don't think anyone will keep that promise to Larxene
XxwhybelievexX Jun 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
they'd have to be insane!
Xenaleena Jun 21, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
8D Marly is insane xD
XxwhybelievexX Jun 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
he is very insane. but not that insane. he knows he may be a creeping man-whore but he sure as hell knows he deserves higher than what she is!
Xenaleena Jun 21, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
hahaha true XD
XxwhybelievexX Jun 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
mhm, i'd go for Marly!
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